10 Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

India has 515 wildlife sanctuaries. Out of these, 41 are tiger reserves. And then there are others with plenty of birds and lesser known species. Excited enough? Because we’re bringing you 10 national parks you need to visit right away!

1. Desert National Park

This is situated in the state of Rajasthan, close to Jaisalmer. 20% of this park is covered with sand dunes. This park has a wide variety of birds, both migratory and resident. But it is most famous for the endangered great Indian bustard. Additionally, this park has 180-million-year-old fossils including those of dinosaurs (which are 6 million years old). Animals that you can spot here are the blackbuck, desert fox and the wolf. The best months to visit are from October to March.


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  1. Enough is enough on

    What a joke, these people are so dodgy and don’t care about animals, did no one see the doco on India and it past and present treatment of Tigers. Makes me so bloody angry. They have killed most of them even in National Parks and santuaries, they are killing them like there is no tomorrow. It turns my stomach at how stupid they are as a Nation and a Government of monkeys could do better. Most the blame lies with the corrupt Government of course, who pretend to care and do absolutely nothing, while their national animal is becoming extinct. Hate them for it, and feel sorry for generations to come that will never see these magnificent creatures. And of course China is buying the tigers skin to wear as fashion statements. Supply and demand. China needs to grow a brain and stop the ivory and fur trade of these animals Hate both cultures for this very fact and always will. No right to do what they are doing.

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